Snake Eggs 1997

Produced by David Granati and Wil E. Tri
Recorded at Norman Nardini Studios, Swissvale, PA
Engineered and Mixed by David Granati
Mastered by Herman Granati
CD Concept: Wil E Tri

Wil E. Tri: Harps and Vocals; Bass on "Cab Driver Song."
Unmentionable: Guitar
Harry McCorkle: Bass
Ken Crisafio: Drums
Herman Granati: Keyboards
Fred Sykes: Drums on "Cab Driver Song"

Handsome Jack

Last Night

Snake Eggs

Get Sam A Drink

Crazy 'Bout You Baby

Harry Can't Play No G-String

Tell Me Baby

Leavin' Trunk

Blues With A Feeling

Cab Driver Song

This sure ain't no disco, 
This is salve for the soul,
Sustenance for a hungry heart,
A rest stop for runaway emotion.
In words, in music, Indeed.
This is the real thing.
This is the blues. Blues with a feeling. 
And feeling blue never felt so right.
Even at first listen to this music, 
You'll feel at home again.
For who hasn't shed a tear for a crying shame,
Or offered up pleas to be pleased,
Or lost the best friend they ever had?
What sets this band apart is the heartfelt,
Uninhibited, raw-yet-refined expression of such
Universal truths of the human condition.
You can't fake this folks. And they don't.
Wil E. Tri?
That they do.
And in their hands the blues is alright.

- Michael A. Fuoco Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Wil E Tri, A Thursday Tradition

- Jamie Kirkavitch, Pittsburgh Live Music Examiner

Any night in Pittsburgh, there are a plethora of places to go; dance clubs, sports bars, more dance clubs. Only on Thursday nights though, can one of the city's best bluesmen be found weaving his magic in one of the most unassuming of juke joints. Looking out over the City of Champions, nestled atop Mt. Washington on Shiloh Street, stands Sloppy Joe's. It's the kind of place that one would walk straight by unless one knew it was there. On Thursdays, however, the music of Wil E. Tri floats out into the night air and one can't help but be drawn inside.

Wil E. Tri is a local Pittsburgh blues legend known mostly for his phenomenal harp playing, (harmonica, not the type the angels strum) but his gravely voice and dirty guitar sound are just as noteworthy. Wil E. Tri is backed by a fantastic group that call themselves the Bluescasters and who help to pump the small room full of unfaltering energy.

Whether it becomes a Thursday night tradition with your closest friends, or a place to wind down your evening after the dance beats become too much, Wil E. Tri is a Pittsburgh staple that should be sampled at least once by every inhabitant of the city. The entertainment begins at 10 p.m. and runs until 1:30 a.m., so make sure that your coffee pot timer is set for the next morning before you head to Sloppy Joe's.

Side Note: Wil E Tri and the Bluescasters celebrate 15 years at Sloppy Joe's in 2015!!

15 years at Sloppy Joe's